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    Chimney Inspections

    Chimney inspections can tell our technicians several things about your chimney.  It lets us know if there is enough build up on the flue tiles to require  a sweeping, and it can also let us evaluate the condition of the existing flue and determine if any repairs may be required.

    There are three levels of chimney inspections:

    LEVEL 1  is the most basic inspection.  In this type of inspection, your chimney technician will examine all of the readily accessible parts of your chimney and ventilation system to check for damage.

    LEVEL 2  inspections cover everything from a Level 1 inspection, but will also include inspection of accessible areas of the attic, basement, chimney interior and exterior.  Level 2 inspections will also include a camera scan of the chimney flue interior.

    LEVEL 3  inspections are the most detailed type of inspection including examining concealed areas of your chimney where hidden hazards or damage are suspected.

    Chimney sweeping

    • It's no secret that being a chimney sweep is a pretty dirty job, but we strive to leave your home exactly the way we found it.  Inside your home, we use a protective sheeting around the work area and a high powered vacuum for dust control.
    • Cleaning your chimney removes dangerous creosote, improved draft and helps eliminate odors.  The National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys, fireplaces and vents be inspected at least one a year and cleaned as necessary.

    Chimney Relining

    A chimney liner is a critical part of your chimney.

    • Your chimneys flue needs to be able to carry heat and gasses safely up and away from the chimney.
    • A stainless steel liner is a great solution to maintain efficient air flow within the chimney and it provides a reliable outlet for combustion gases that are produced as a result of burning.
    • Stainless steel liners will provide a strong, durable lining in the chimney and act as a barrier to gases, moisture and already damaged flue tile.
    • Our stainless steel liners come with a lifetime warranty.

    Chimney Caps

    A chimney cap is a critical part of keeping your chimney and flue in good working condition.  It helps in protecting your flue from rain, snow, debris, birds and other animals.  It works year round, even if you don't use your chimney year round.  A chimney cap also helps the performance of your chimney by blocking wind and in doing so, keeping your chimney's draft constant.  Chimney caps are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes , materials and even colors.

    Class A Chimneys

    Vermont Master Chimney Sweeps offers services to clean and repair Class A chimney systems.

    Woodstove Installation

    Sweepings, piping replacement and installation.

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Signs that you may need to have your dryer vent cleaned:

    • You haven't had your dryer cleaned in over a year (average family of 4)
    • Your dryer is requiring more than one cycle to dry your clothes
    • Your dryer smells hot or musty during or after a cycle

    We use some of the same equipment that we sue for sweeping a chimney.  These brushes sweep the inside of the vent while a blower pushes the lint, dust and fiber our of the vent opening to the outside.

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